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Easter Reverse Flow Incense burner decoration creative Halloween resin mushroom pumpkin reverse flow incense burner

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Item Description Earthen Earthen Incense Burner : The incense burner is made by burning the organic red clay at a very high temperature. It is extremely durable and designed specially to withstand high temperatures. Timeless Traditional Burners : Aakriti Incense burners collection is inspired by the traditional Asian incense burners that have been around since 1300 BC. Bring home these intricately crafted incense burners and fall in love with your favourite fragrance all over again. Recommended by Feng Shui Experts : A refreshing fragrance when combined with a good incense burner will not only attract positive vibes but also uplift feng shui energy, beneficial to your health and fortune. Say No to Mess : The unique design of the Aakriti incense burners collects all the incense ash and keeps your sacred space free from mess; helping you focus better and harness De-Humidifying Feature : Aakriti incense burner also de-humidifies your room. It might not be as powerful as an electrical dehumidifier, but it gently directs the incense smoke to reach all the corners of your room and cleanse the dust and pollens or allergens in your room. Beautifies Your Indoors : Now give your room a complete makeover with the beautiful Aakriti incense burner. It is an excellent budget-friendly way to take the décor of your room up a notch and give it a more artsy feel. Perfect for Gifting : Aakriti Gallery specializes in the incense burners that are breathlessly enchanting to look at. It makes for an ideal housewarming gift, Christmas gift, anniversary gift or birthday gift for anyone who likes home decor and is sure to be appreciated by anyone who values traditional craftsmanship. Benefits : Helps you unwind your mind & relax, helps fight fatigue & relieve stress, creates positive environment for yoga & meditation, adds to the aura of your space & inspires creative thinking, enhances sexual desire and promotes peaceful sleep.

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